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In the era of rapidly growing technology today, the knowledge and understanding of the Indonesian people towards financial services institutions, products and services is still relatively low and not evenly distributed in every sector of the financial services industry. This affects the low utilization of financial institutions, products and services.

For this reason, National Life held a seminar on "Financial Inclusion for All" which took place at SMAN 99 East Jakarta with the aim of providing education on the importance of the benefits of insurance and industry to today's millennials, in order to better understand the benefits of insurance. The event was attended by the President Director of Nasional Life, Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi who gave a speech to hundreds of students from SMAN 99 East Jakarta. The enthusiasm of the students in this event was very high, it was seen in the question and answer session presented directly by Director of Nasional Life.

Nasional Life in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a Blood Donor social event to celebrate the first Nasional Life anniversary. The event is organized as a form of our concern and concern to those in need.

The event was held at the Jamsostek Tower Building, North Tower 2nd floor (Space Bazaar), received enough attention and enthusiasm from the participants of blood donors, it is seen from the number of participants who register blood donors.

Ramadhan is a month of grace, in this month every individual is competing for good. In the month of Ramadhan this year, Nasional Life held a fasting event and aids for orphans at the Nasional Life office, which was attended by about 50 orphans built by Orphan Foundation Al Andalusia.

The event, which is a comfortable and full-fledged event, is cooler with the spiritual flaws brought by Ustadz Jacky Muhammad. Hopefully with the presence of orphans from Al Andalusian Orphan Foundation can be a blessing for Nasional Life..

Nasional Life in collaboration with Sharia Capital Life and Gunadarma University held Insurance Goes To Campus literacy seminar, with discussion material: Sharia Insurance in Indonesia and Insurance in the Form of Investment, on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at Gunadarma University Auditorium, Karawaci Campus - Tangerang.

The event was attended by board of directors of PT Asuransi Jiwa Nasional and PT Capital Life Syariah and academics from Gunadarma University.

The event, attended by 250 participants, aims to provide new insights and educate participants about insurance in Indonesia. With competent resource persons in their respective fields, making Insurance Goes To Campus event is very interesting to be listened to, so it becomes an attraction for the participants of the seminar.

The speakers of the Insurance Goes To Campus event President Director of PT Asuransi Jiwa Nasional, Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi SE, MM, AMRP gave a speech at Insurance Goes To Campus
The atmosphere of Insurance Goes To Campus The speakers and committee of Insurance Goes To Campus take a picture together
Exchange plaque of Insurance Goes To Campus from Gunadarma University represented by Bpk. Prof. Dr. Didin Mukodim, Drs., MM with Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi SE, MM, AMRP from Nasional Life Speaker from Nasional Life Bpk. Dr. Suharyono Hadisumarno S.Kom, MM gave explanation to the participants of Insurance Goes To Campus

On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between PT Bosowa Insurance and PT Asuransi Jiwa Nasional was held at the Global Tower which is the head office of PT Bosowa Insurance.

The cooperation is a strategic step for both companies to open the market and gain public trust.

The event was attended by all the directors of both companies and PT Dekai Indonesia as Reinsurance Broker. PT Bosowa Insurance was attended by Bpk. Makmur Tayeb (President Director), Bpk. Bisker Miliater Marpaung (Director of Compliance) and Bpk. Marihot Simanjuntak (Technical Director). PT Asuransi Jiwa Nasional was attended by Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi (President Director), Bpk. Suharyono Hadisumarno (Technical Director) and Ibu. Laksmi Dewi (Director of Operations). While from Dekai attended by Bpk. Ferdiyanto and Bpk. Hermanto.

On that occasion also made the exchange of plaque as a symbol of intertwining closer cooperation, bringing hope and good for both companies.

Bpk. Makmur Tayeb and Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi signed the cooperation script witnessed by Bpk. Miliater Marpaung and Bpk. Marihot Simanjuntak. Left-Right: Bpk. Bisker Miliater Marpaung (Director of Compliance), Bpk. Marihot Simanjuntak (Technical Director), Bpk. Makmur Tayeb (President Director), Bpk. Kukuh Prihadi (President Director), Bpk. Suharyono Hadisumarno (Technical Director) and Ibu. Laksmi Dewi (Director Operations).
Exchange of Cooperation Plaque. The Directors of both companies took pictures with representatives from PT Dekai Indonesia.